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Irondequoit Landscaping Company

Snow related maintenance is not something that a lot of us would get up early to do. But at, Town & Country Enterprises we get up before you have to be at work or school to ensure that the walkways are safe and there is no chance of a slip and fall accident as we salt the walks and plow the driveway. Make a call to our Irondequoit Landscaping Company and live safely ever after this winter.

Snow is a problem for this living in upper New York as it accumulates very quickly on roads and driveways in the community making commuting almost impossible. We haver the solution for your place of business this winter call and let's make plans.

When hiring a snow management team; there are some things to be considered such as experience. You won't just be dealing with shoveling. You are dealing with a whole new level of snow removal which should be done on a professional level in Irondequoit, NY.

You can't do anything with snow except to remove it in order to keep your customers safe. At Town & Country Enterprises, that is our goal during the winter time, so call us and let our Landscaping Company experts make you feel more comfortable at your place of business.

Irondequoit Lawn Care

Let our Irondequoit Lawn Care come to your rescue. At Town & Country Enterprises, we make lawn maintenance look easy as we trim the bushes, mow the lawn and make sure there is not an overload of weeds growing on your property lowering the value.

We add more appeal to properties. It is not something that you think about on a daily basis, but cleaning up a lawn will add more value to it as well as make it look good to others. Adding more value to a property helps when it comes time for resell.

Our Irondequoit landscaping company will not just help add more value but keep it consistent. Consistency is the key to an everlasting property because no one want s to buy a home that is always needing something else every time you turn around.

Hardscaping in Irondequoit

What is it that you are needing in terms of your outdoors? If you said hard or landscaping, then you have come to the right place as we do installations and repairs for your home that you just do not have the time for. We do the following hardscape areas:

  • Garden paths
  • Water Features & Ponds
  • Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting will not just illuminate the flowers and shrubbery of a home but also add to the security. Our Irondequoit Hardscaping has what it takes to make your life a lot simpler.

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