Beautiful Canandaigua Landscaping Project

Canandaigua Landscaping ProjectWhen creating a vision for what you want your landscape to look like it's important to understand the importance of cohesion and balance. The focal point of this Canandaigua landscape design is clearly the hardscapes. But what truly makes the walkways and retention walls stand out are surrounding additions which enhance the entire landscape.

In this particular project, Town & Country Enterprises added dark mulch to highlight the light shades along the walkway and supporting wall. Next we filled in the scenery with bright florals and greenery to give the entrie area texture. Notice that everyting fits together in a cohesive manner and is well-balanced. The plants are spaced evenly without any overcrowding. The end result is a clean, but ornate design in which every component immediately catches the eye. We finished it off with low voltage landscape lighting fixtures and a breath taking fire pit for nighttime activity.

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