Top Quality Garden Mulch in Rochester

Rochester Garden Mulching

Rochester Garden Mulch keeps your plant/ flower beds looking their best. There are different types of mulch that are used in plant and flower beds all over Upper New York. Call our Rochester Landscaping Company today for a little help with your garden. They are the defense against weeds that will prevent them from popping up. We often take our gardens for granted thinking the problems will rectify themselves. But our mulch service is one of the most beneficial landscape care services that you can get. Don't just trust anyone with your garden, trust only the pros at Town & Country Enterprises.

Sun affects mulch as it acts as a barrier. Mulch helps to keep the sunlight and airways from getting into the soil. There are both pros and cons to how much sun mulch needs to help promote the growth of the roots underneath the soil.

Water Affecting Mulch

One of the pros of mulch is that water affects it differently. Water slowly seeps into soil through the mulch. You will be able to control how much the roots get watered when Town & Country Enterprises comes out to perform Rochester garden mulching on your land.

Best Types of Mulch

  • Bark
  • Cocoa Hulls
  • Landscape fabric
  • Compost


Bark is one of the most used types of mulch. Bark normally comes in different varieties such as chips, chunks and nuggets. Pine and cypress make up this constant mulch as it is longer lasting and attractive. You'll have something that helps promote growth.

Cocoa Hulls

Cocoa hulls are also used in much creations as they add the necessary nutrients needed to help vegetables and plant grow. Some of the hulls carry an aroma that is pleasing to have in gardens as the halls may compact or mold if not properly taken care of.

Landscape Fabric

Fabrics are used to prevent weed growth. The last thing that you need in your garden is weeds. Weeds can ruin the possibility of anything else growing. We have quality landscape fabric which can be used in your garden.


Compost is used to help enrich the soil. It may be too fine to suppress weed growth though. At Town & Country Enterprises, we have top rated compost that will make your garden to grow effectively and safely. We only use top quality products.

How do you know when you need Rochester garden mulching done? You call Town & Country Enterprises for an honest and fair evaluation of your garden. We only want the very best for your lawn and garden and will do so for you and your family.

Our Rochester Garden Mulch Provides These Detailed Services

  • Garden Mulch
  • Best Garden Mulch
  • Rubber Mulch
  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Cypress Mulch
  • Bark Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Pine Straw Mulch
  • Organic Mulch
  • Garden Mulch in Rochester
  • Rochester Garden Mulch

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