Spectacular Landscaping Plants in Rochester

Rochester Landscaping Plants

Whether you are starting a new project or want to renovate an existing landscape, call Town & Country Enterprises as we can create a functional design that will be a planned extension of your home or office as we offer aesthetically pleasing Rochester Landscaping Plants. You'll meet with our landscape designers who will survey your property in order to determine your needs. Your professional tastes will become an important part of the design we create and propose for your review. Call your Rochester Landscaping Company today and let us help design your outdoors.

The design proposal will be fully explained in detail whenever you use our service. We can modify it from there and work to meet your specific needs. Town & Country Enterprises will then construct and install the entire job for you. We use the finest materials and quality workmanship possible.

Enhancing Your Quality of Life

Our work can enhance the quality of your life as we create outdoor spaces in which you can relax and enjoy the family better. We have been making outdoors usable since 1976. And our commercial work creates a professional image for your business so call for our Rochester plantings today.

Landscape Design

  • Design
  • Rock hounding
  • Planting (trees/shrubs)
  • New lawn
  • Flower gardens
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Field & brush cutting
  • Sod installations

Selecting Landscape Plants

There are some things to consider when buying landscape plants. Getting the right ones is vital to the growth and health of your landscape design. You should consider the following when getting plants for your outdoors:

  • Texture
  • Height and width
  • Form
  • Seasonal interest


This is the finesse or the roughness of a plant. Texture can be considered the thinness or thickness of a plant. Getting the right texture should be used in different environments around the outdoors. Plants with fine textures are normally used as they are safer.

Height and Width

The maturity of a plant is the height and width. A plant will reach upwards when it grows as some of the leaves will become wider. When the height and width is miscalculated, it can cause damages to the plants which could require replacements.


The shape of a plant is the form. Form also defines how a certain plant will occupy a space. Shape and form are often referred to as the columnar. Call the landscape design experts at Town & Country Enterprises for help on your outdoor creations.

Seasonal Interest

What plants you buy all depends on the season as some survive in all types of weather where as others are made for warmer seasons such as spring and summer. Call about our Rochester plantings today and let us help you save.

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