Our Rochester Lawn Care Programs

Platinum Program - Our #1 Seller!

Our Platinum lawn care program is unique to the industry and will positively benefit EVERY lawn. If your lawn needs help, it provides all the balanced nutrients, preventative applications and organic services necessary to improve overall health and wellness. If your lawn is already thick and lush, the Platinum Program will improve & give you the "best lawn in the neighborhood" image.

  • 6 Lawn Food/ Fertilizer
  • 2 Crabgrass Controls
  • 5 Boradleaf Weed Control
  • 1 Premium Grub Control
  • 1 Surface Insect Control
  • 1 Organic Aeration
  • 1 Organic Soil Conditioner
  • (Total 6 visits)

Gold Program

Our Gold Lawn Care Program will get your lawn in shape and keep it that way! The Gold Program provides balanced nutrition, weed control and grub control to keep your lawn healthy and happy.
  • 6 Lawn Food / Fertilizer
  • 2 Crabgrass Controls
  • 4 Boradleaf Weed Controls
  • 1 Premium Grub Control
  • (Total 6 Visits)

Silver Program

Our Silver Lawn Care Program is the minimum care your lawn needs to keep it looking good throughout the season. The Silver program provides balanced nutrition and weed control.
  • 6 Lawn Food/ Fertilizer
  • 1 Crabgrass Control
  • 3 Broadleaf Weed Controls
  • (Total 5 Visits)

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