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Rochester Lawn Mowing

When you come to Town & Country Enterprises; your property will be taken care of. Let us become your personal outdoor management team. Our Rochester Lawn Mowing service is the maintenance that you deserve for a better and healthier exterior. We'll beautify your lawn and that's a promise. If the years have been not so nice to your yard, call us. We will take care of your lawn maintenance and more. We do both the front and back yards. Don't expose yourself to extreme heat or cold when you have landscapers who love to be outdoors. It's your investment that we'll take care of on a scheduled basis.

Our Rochester Landscaping Company has services based on what you're looking for. Maintenance will prevent you from having to replace or restore your exterior components. We do everything from sodding to weeding. Come to us before taking a big project like that on your own. No matter how big or small your lawn is; we'll be on it as soon as you call.

Lawn Care

There is still lots of people out there who love to mow their yards still (young and old). Some home and business owners have perfected the art. But at Town & Country Enterprises, we can do the Rochester lawn mowing for you. Your lawn is a priority to us. Relax and take a load off while we mow you lawn and maintain your grass through sodding and irrigation.

Premium Mowing

Our premium mowing service includes mowing, trimming, garden edge maintenance, hard edge maintenance, bagging, and blowing and cleaning off of surfaces. This is a very helpful package for your outdoors as it helps beautify it and is affordable.

Enhanced Mowing

We also have an enhanced mowing service. This basically includes all that you get in a basic package but a little more as that's what we do for our customers. We give you a little more because we care about the fate of your lawn as we offer the following:

  • Double cutting
  • Maintenance services
  • Garden edging once per month

Basic Mowing

We also have a very basic service. This is a service that will help keep your grass growing appropriately. We do the trimming, mowing, blowing, cleaning, and more. Call today to discuss this option with our professional landscapers.

Scheduled Watering

Don't worry about having to rush home on time in order to water your lawn. At Town & Country Enterprises, we can do the watering for you. Having it scheduled will ensure a lush lawn that continues to grow green and free of grubs.

Yard Maintenance

We take care of your lawn maintenance. Our lawn care packages are built to meet your outdoor needs and are affordable on all levels. We take care of our customers because we know how much time and money has gone into your yard.

We offer landscaping services that will meet your needs, fit into your budget, and make you happy. Call us for Rochester lawn mowing and have your yard taken care of by professionals. Our experts can leave your lawn healthy.

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