Lawn Care

Lawn CareIs the warmer weather making you dream of lush yards your neighbors will be envious of? Your lawn requires care all year long; it is not enough to take care of our lawns in just the spring and summer seasons. There are lawn-care procedures for every time of year that will protect and preserve your grass, even in the worst weather conditions. Here we will share some of the procedures, broken down by season. These procedures will guarantee you the best-looking grass possible!


Spring is probably the season that requires the most lawn care work. After all the damage that winter did to your grass, a few procedures are recommended to ensure that your grass remains in tip-top shape. The first is to remove any trees and shrub pruning, dead leaves and other yard debris. After you have cleaned, you want to aerate your grass. This will relieve your grass from soil compaction, and allow for better absorption of water and nutrients. Next, it is very important to apply some pre-emergent herbicide to keep weeds away from your property; nobody likes their yard full of weeds. Finally, you should fertilize your lawn to boost the strength and growth of your grass.


Summer is the season when we enjoy our backyards the most. With sunny days, summer weather affect our yards negatively. Excessively sunny days may dry out the soil in our grass and gardens, affecting their appeal and vitality. To prevent this from happening, it is ideal to mulch the areas that can be mulched, either in late spring or early summer. This will give your plants a buffer from the heat that will keep them cool. Additionally, the mulch keeps water from evaporating, which helps to keep roots moist. If your yard has some weeds, you may control them with post-emergent herbicides. Finally, don’t forget to fertilize, water, and mow your lawn periodically to keep it looking sharp!


During the early fall, you can still enjoy outdoor spaces. We want our grass to look nice, so we take care of it but, during the late fall, we have to ensure that our grass is prepared for winter. Accordingly, during the early fall is advised that you continue to fertilize and mow your lawn. Even though grass grows slower as the weather turns cooler, the grassroots still grow quickly. This is the perfect moment to give your yard the final help that your grass needs before winter. In mid-fall, it is ideal to rid your lawn of the few weeds that still linger. At this time of the year, plants are in absorbing mode, which means they will absorb energy from everything they are in contact with, including herbicides! Last but not least, we recommend mowing your grass very low in late fall. Doing this will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass so it deals better with winter.


During the winter, there is not much that you can do to maintain your lawn. With all the snow that covers your yard, there is not a lot of room for lawn care procedures. The only thing you can do is wait for winter to finish, and, if you took proper care of your lawn during the rest of the year, you will notice the difference when your new, amazing grass grows back in spring.

Some of these procedures may take some time to complete an can definitely be overwhelming. With a lot of questions to answer regarding procedure frequency, quantity, brand, and other specifics, you may consider an expert opinion. Landscaping companies, like Town and Country Enterprises, know all the answers to these questions and also have access to special products that are not accessible to everyday consumers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (585) 872-5073! We hope that with this post you become more aware of the needs of your yard and leave the hard work to our expert team!

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