Optimal Plant Health in Rochester

Rochester Plant Health

Rochester Plant Care consists of monthly inspections that we do which includes the monitoring of the plants for insect issues, possible disease and nutritional deficits. These preventative treatments are made at each visit by your Rochester Landscaping Company. These treatments are adjusted for specific plants and are made where and whenever needed. Some of the insects that we look for are; caterpillars, scale insects, aphids, web worms, beetles, saw flies and mites only to name a few. At Town & Country Enterprises we can help to make your plants healthier.

Disease can be more subtle and range from leaf spots, needle cast, fire blight, cankers and rotting. We also consider the soil's health, moisture and nutritional issues too. We can take on your plants in order to produce better growth and longer life into them.

Deep Root Feeding

Your trees, shrubs, and all other plants are an investment that is worth keeping up with. They are what adds value to the home or your place of business. Without the proper nourishment plants can fail to prosper and may even decline or die off.

Insect Resistant

With the right amount of feeding; Rochester plant health can make your flowers and shrubbery in full bloom. Deep root feeding places the nutrients and soil conditioners in the root zone where the nutrients are immediately available for root uptake and self-absorption.

Other Landscape Care Services

  • Garden edging
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Tree injections

Experienced Landscapers

There's only one group of people who can make sure that your garden and yard is fully taken care of and that's Town & Country Enterprises. We have the right equipment and tools that can make your trees, shrubbery and plants healthy.

Basic Plant Needs

Plants have basic needs. We all know that water and nutrients are needed to make them healthy. They need adequate feeding because it is unfortunate that the weather is not always accommodating to our plant's needs. This is why we offer a maintenance service for your plants.


Prevention is the key to everything. It is a cost-effective way of keeping your plants from failure or death. Remember, they were a big investment that should be kept up with. We carry the best nutrients and care for plant and tree growth.

Don't try and take matters into your own hands. Call Town & Country Enterprises for experienced an smart Rochester plant health services. If there's one thing that we do best it's promote healthy plant activity. We care about your outdoors as it has showed for over the past 35 years. We want to keep your lawn and garden healthy through our landscape care services.

Our Rochester Plant Care Provides These Detailed Services

  • Plant Care
  • Plant Care Services
  • Plant Services
  • Lawn Care Service
  • House Plant Care
  • Exterior Plants
  • Exterior Landscaping Care
  • Landscaping Services
  • Outdoor Plants
  • Commercial Planters
  • Plant Care in Rochester
  • Rochester Plant Care

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