Town & Country Enterprises Testimonials & Reviews

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I highly recommend this company. The service is exceptional and they are always on time. Thanks again for a great job. See you back next summer. Perhaps we will do that dream project!

- Jim C. - Pittsford, NY

Town and Country did a great job with our walkway. We get many compliments. Done in timely fashion and workers were polite & efficent.

- Tom - Webster, NY

Our lawn is thick, full and green (like a carpet). Treatments are timely/regular.Plowing service is great! We can always get in and out of our driveway no matter how much it snows. We enjoy the services.

- Deborah - Ontario, NY

Town & Country beats all others hands down on realibilty and friendliness.

- Sharon - Webster, NY

Town & Country always showed up to plow early AM. Our driveway was always cleared in time for us to leave for work. Thank You.

- Elaine - Webster, NY

Whether it is 3 or 4 inches of snow or the worst snowy winter day of the season you can count on Town & Country to be at your property providing excellent service.

- Ray - Webster, NY

The crews that come out for each job work 100% of the time. Very professional, depenable. We will always choose Town & Country for any future projects.

- Mark & Lynelle - Webster, NY

Send customers to see our yard - Many many compliments

- Keith - Pittsford, NY

We couldn’t be happier.. The finished product is terrific and the crews were fantastic.

- Nancy & Angelo - Ontario, NY

This is the first year using a service for plowing and we are so glad we chose your company. We have not had to even think about the snow blower.

- Melissa - Penfield, NY

We are wild about the landscape. At first we were not sure we wanted to spend the money, we are so glad we did because our house looks FANTASTIC.

- Greg & Kara - Pittsford, NY

Town & Country has done a wonderful job for our lawn, as well as at our children's school. From designing and implementing landscaping to lawn care to yard cleanup, to giving recommendations. Town & Country has offered professional, reliable and personalized service. We have been very pleased.

- Jack & Debbie - Webster, NY

Town & Country did a good job mowing my lawn, I just moved in and they did a good job each week leaving me one less thing to worry about.

- Andrew - Macedon, NY

Our large patio was installed very professionally. It has gone through 2 winters with no damage.

- Jeff - Webster, NY

Customer Reviews from Angie's List

“They are punctual and get to the services in a very timely fashion.”

“I called Town and Country for an estimate for a total yard clean up this spring.”

“We have had a few things done with Town and Country. They are very responsive and I feel fair. We love the brick sidewalk and stoops they did on our house 2 years ago and last year they did the landscaping. This contract was one we had last year as well. They are mowing and treating our lawn for the season.”

“Town and Country Enterprises, Inc. did a wonderful job installing a new walkway and landscaping for our home. They were courteous, professional and did the work within the time frame estimated. Will use them again for any future landscaping needs.”

“It went very well. I am not a gardener and my large overgrown high maintenance gardens stressed me out constantly. They were responsive to my concerns. They removed all of the plantings, bulbs, and weeds, and replaced them with slow growing low maintenance shrubs. The filled in all the mulch and transplanted some hostas to a different garden. The whole project looks so much better. I am very pleased and really have to do nothing to maintain my gardens. “

“Lawn maintenance. Applied appropriate treatments to get rid of weeds and crabgrass, and enrich the soil. Our lawn has never looked this good! We have used several other vendors, but none have gotten these results . We had a small construction project going on during last season at the back of our property and they worked around the project without incident . Very professional! I am signed up for this year again!”

“They came in the fall to fertilize. The price was reasonable. They did a good job. They were responsive.”

“The company is wonderful! Employees are pleasant and very responsive. We had an unusual experience in that our back yard gate was locked and I didn't know it. Our front yard looks the best it has ever looked. I went out into the back yard last week and there were WEEDS everywhere. I called and explained the situation and two days later they began to repair the back lawn. Now out back is beginning to look like the front. I don't believe you and go wrong with this company”

“After lawn care with 6 applications for weed control and fertilizer last year, my lawn looked much better. I contracted for service again for this year.”

“I purchased the big deal for $199 for Lawn Care Program - 6 Rounds. The service was good and I was satisfied. They came as scheduled and they were polite to talk to.”

“We had the basic plan that included weed killers and fertilizers since we were planning to move. Thus our motives and repeat use of this company would be very different from the usual customer. We were very happy with our service and would recommend them.”

“We purchased an Angies Big Deal for Lawn maintenance and separate program for mulching. My husband and both agreed our yard has never looked as good as it did this year!”

“Lawn service arrived each month on schedule. The lawn looks 100 percent better.”

“Excellent value for the money. Lawn looked excellent the whole season.”

“My neighbors have been complementing my lawn. That's never happened before.”

“So far they've come out three times and they've been really good. They've been great. I had some interaction with them on the phone and stuff and they're fantastic. They're really good. I think they gave me information on the products they were using on my lawn. It's fertilizers, pest control, and stuff. They're real prompt with getting back with me when I call with questions. They were really nice and helpful. They're doing good.”

“Initially, I was hooked by a great price for weed control and lawn fertilizing; but our lot size put us in another price bracket. I'm glad we decided to book them anyway. They are thorough, professional & prompt to reply. The price is for the entire season and is reasonable for our area. I may also hire them for landscaping work.”

“Dealing with Town & Country Enterprises was very professional and satisfying from start to finish. The owner quoted the job fairly for the work and the materials that I chose. The young men who did the work were timely, tidy and professional. I have since recommended T&CE to a relative and will certainly do so to others.”

“Town and Country has been excellent to work with from the beginning. The office manager immediately responded to our first email. They followed up with a phone call, after sending the contract, to see if we had any questions. We are so happy with our lawn. We were not home when they did the first application of the season. Nevertheless, it has looked great from that first treatment. We were home for the second though, which was about mid-May. The time the technician took with our lawn is part of the reason that our lawn looks so fantastic! We have only ever had one other lawn fertilization service prior to Town and County. The old provider just drove their little motorized fertilizer tractor off the truck, zipped around our yard for about 5 minutes at the most, loaded the spreader back up on the truck, and took off! However, the Town and Country technician was so thorough. He took quite a bit of time in our yard. (Definitely much longer than the 5 minutes, the old provider paid to our lawn.) First, he was spot treating with a manual spreader. Then once he was done with that, he pulled the motorized fertilizer off the truck. We live a neighborhood with quite a bit of shade due to all of the mature trees in the neighborhood. Therefore, it takes effort to have a thick and lush lawn. Town and Country’s service has been invaluable to us!”

“Wonderful service! Our lawn hasn't looked better. Walt was very professional, courteous, and helpful. Thank you!”

“Excellent all summer long. They're pleasant to deal with and I feel comfortable calling them with questions. They respond quickly and very professionally.”

“I purchased a special deal on a patio installation. The response was prompt and helpful. They listened to my ideas and designed the patio as I requested. The final result is fantastic. Great quality workmanship and products. Only one glitch. I had requested that one lilac bush be left as is and it was mistakenly removed.”

“We have been using them for about three years. They are very dependable and friendly. They do a good job.”

“I strongly recommend Town and Country for any landscaping projects. In fact, I referred them to a neighbor. I have had Town and Country apply weed and feed and mow my lawn as well. You can actually see the difference between my lawn and the neighbors who don't use Town and Country. My lawn looks much better! If you are thinking about a landscaping project or even just simple lawn care, call Town and Country.”

“Town and Country has provided lawn care for me, and some of my neighbors, for 5 years. Follow a schedule of services to my lawn to keep it looking good and healthy. And, my lawn looks good! Probably one of the better looking lawns in my neighborhood. But, more importantly, it is weed free, and comes through our occasional droughts, without much added water by me, looking good. In the past when I've had concerns about the lawn, and in one case, about some of my trees, my concerns are addressed in a timely manor by phone. And, in one instance, after speaking with me on the phone, Mr. Samuelson came by my house and looked at my trees. And, I don't even have tree and shrub service. I would definitely use them for other services if I needed them.”

“We used a different lawn care service company last year with a very poor result. In comparison our lawn was noticeably better this year, thanks to Town & Country. Moreover, their service was very professional, and all work was done on schedule and thoroughly. We used an Angie's List coupon discount for the service, which made it a very good deal. This was our first year with Town & Country, and we definitely intend to renew for next year. We have used 3 or 4 companies in the past several years, and this is clearly the best.”

“Town and Country employees are extremely professional. While they are polite and well dressed, it is all business. They come in, work hard and leave my house looking better each time the show up.”

“We have used this company several times for lawn care, and a few years ago, they did a french drain for us. We were getting water in the basement, and the pitch of the yard was way off. They offered us a few options, and the french drain in the back, was the one we went with (kinda what they recommended as being the most cost effective way) . They also built up the soil and lawn near the hose and added a step to the stairs near by. We got a ton of snow the winter after they did it, and plenty of rain that following summer, and we got zero water in the basement. They are a great company to work with.”

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