Guidelines for Snow Plowing in Webster and Penfield

Webster and Penfield Snow Plowing Guidelines

Residential Snow Plow Guidelines

  • Snow Agreements begin on November 15th and end on April 1st.
  • We will stake the boundaries of your driveway. Please notify us of any special conditions, including structures, irrigation heads, utilities and objects that need to be avoided by the plow.
  • We will begin plowing after 2 inches of snow accumulation or less if conditions warrant.
  • On snow days we will drive our routes and plow as needed.
  • We will make up to 2 TRIPS PER DAY.

Our first trip is generall completed before 6am-7am and the second trip is before 5pm-6pm. Timing of the snow fall or heavy storm totals may cause these times to vary.

** Requests for additional trips to clear drifts, plow aprons or cleanup areas where cars were previously parked outside of a routine event will be subject to additional billing.

  • At times more than 2 inches of snow may accumulate in your driveway and will be cleared on our next visit.
  • If vehicles are parked in the driveway, we will plow around them.
  • If the town plow comes through and pushes snow in the apron AFTER we plow, we will clear it on our next visit.

The snow will be pushed onto the lawn and landscaped areas adjacent to your driveway. In some situations snow may need to be piled on the pavement. We will avoid blocking the front of the mailbox. If snow needs to be moved or piled with a loader, please contact the office for pricing and schcduling.

Lawn Damage Repair Service is available for your convenience. Snow plows are large, heavy metal blades and our drivers try their best but sometimes lawn damage is unavoidable. Sign up for the service and we will automatically repair the damage (if any) in the spring with soil and seed.

Driveways may be damaged by piows especially if the driveway is in a state of disrepair. The customer acknowledges and accepts this risk and agrees not to hold the contractor responsible for such damage.

If you have a gravel or stone driveway, you should expect that stone and gravel will be moved to the lawn or landscape and need to be moved back in the spring. Contact us for a price if you would like help with this. 15 or 24 Trip Agreements - once the stated trip limit has been reached, we will automatically continue with per trip plowing and bill the stated amount.

Snow plowing is not the same quality as snow shoveling or snow blowing. Some snow and ice may be left on your driveway. Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle can get in and out of your driveway and is not intended to be suitable or safe for pedestrian travel.

Commercial Snow Plow Guidelines

Snow Agreements begin on November 15th and end on April lst.

Before the first snowfalf we will stake the boundaries of your parking lot/driveway. Please notify us of any special conditions, including structures, utilities and objects that need to be avoided by the plow.

We will begin plowing after 1-2 inches of snowfall.

  • On snow days we will drive our routes and plow every area with l,-2 inches or more of snow.
  • Our first pass is generally completed before 6am-7am and our second pass before 4pm-5pm.
  • Your parking lot/driveway may accumulate more than 1-2 inches by the time we get there, but please rest assured we are on our way.

We monitor the weather using several different sources and check (drive) our routes constantly looking for areas with snow accumulation.

We will push snow onto your lawn and/or other landscaped areas or push the snow into piles onto a poftion of the plowed surface, If snow removal or piling is necessary loader and/or dump service is available for $95 per hour (plus tax) for each piece of equipment with a 3 hour minimum, Please call our office to schedule these services.

Plowed surfaces are not intended to be suitable for pedestrian travel. If you need greater accommodations then please consider the additional services we provide.

Salting Service Agreement: At the Contractor's discretion, salt will be applied as needed to keep driving surfaces as snow and ice free as reasonably possible depending on weather, pavement and ice conditions.

Snow plows are large metal blades and there is a reasonable chance that the edges of your lawn/grassy areas will be damaged up by the plow. Our experienced drivers do everything they can NOT to damage your lawn but unfotunately some damage is unavoidable.

Your asphalt may be scraped or gouged especially if it is in a state of disrepair.

  • We carry General Liability & Worker's Comp Insurance.
  • We provide service for a smaller area/ so we are always nearby.
  • We have backup equipment, snow removal equipment and backup personnel.
  • We are reliable, available and prepared (for a Blizzard!).
  • We provide 24 hour snow plowing service and customer service M-F, 7:30am-5pm.
  • We have a trained staff that is dedicated to quality service.

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