Top Notch Rochester Yard Maintenance

Do you need Rochester Yard Maintenance services? If so call Town & Country Enterprises. We are the Rochester Landscaping Company who has the time and equipment to deliver the quality of service that you deserve.

Plant Health

Rochester Plant Health

Plant health care consists of monthly inspections that we do which includes the monitoring of the plants for insect issues, possible disease and nutritional deficits. These preventative treatments are made at each visit that we do. These treatments are adjusted for specific plants and are made where and whenever needed.

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Garden Edging

Rochester Garden Edging

There is an art to garden edging that only professionals use. This is a task which is best left to the experts at Town & Country Enterprises. We provide edging and so much more for your garden that it's hard to pass up. The simplest and most subtle borders are those that separate the garden from the lawn. They not only look great but do not require maintenance.

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Garden Mulching

Rochester Garden Mulching

One of the pros of mulch is that water affects it differently. Water slowly seeps into soil through the mulch. You will be able to control how much the roots get watered when Town & Country Enterprises comes out to perform Rochester garden mulching your land.

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Garden Weeding

Rochester Garden Weeding

At Town & Country Enterprises, we provide our customers with garden weeding they need for a safer and healthier garden. There is lots that can go into a garden and we have the manpower and time to put into it. Things such as flower beds and vegetable growth are important to get just right as it ensures proper growth. Adding style and color to your garden never hurts too and that is what we can do.

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Lawn Mowing

Rochester Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service is the maintenance that you deserve for a better and healthier exterior. We'll beautify your lawn and that's a promise. If the years have been not so nice to your yard, call us. We will take care of your lawn maintenance and more. We do both the front and back yards.

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Spring & Fall Clean Up

Rochester Spring & Fall Clean Up

Your landscaping deserves to have the same amount of attention. In your landscaping, you have plants and shrubbery that are not capable of withstanding the changing of the seasons on their own. To help keep your yard maintained year round, hire Town & Country Enterprises for spring and fall clean up. It’s recommended to do couple of times per year because these are the two seasons that cause the most yard debris.

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Lawn Care Program

Rochester Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program is unique to the industry and will positively benefit EVERY lawn. If your lawn needs help, it provides all the balanced nutrients, preventative applications and organic services necessary to improve the overall health and wellness. If your lawn is already thick and lush, the Platinum Program will improve & give you the "best lawn in the neighborhood" image.

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If you are looking for Yard Maintenance in Rochester then please call 585-872-5073 or complete our online request form.