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Spring Cleanup in Rochester

Each year we treat our Rochester homes to either a spring or fall cleaning or sometimes both. Your landscaping deserves to have the same amount of attention, which you can get from our landscaping experts. In your landscaping, you have plants and shrubbery that aren’t capable of withstanding the changing of the seasons on their own. To help keep your yard maintained year round, hire Town & Country Enterprises for your Lawn Clean Up Services in Rochester. It’s recommended to do this sort of landscape maintenance a couple of times per year because these are the two seasons that cause the most yard debris.


Our Rochester Lawn Clean-Up Company Provides These Detailed Services

  • Lawn Clean Up Services
  • Spring Lawn Care
  • Fall Lawn Care
  • Lawn Care Services
  • Spring Lawn Fertilizer
  • Spring Lawn Treatment
  • Spring Yard Clean Up
  • Spring Lawn Maintenance
  • Fall Lawn Fertilizer
  • Fall Lawn Treatment
  • Fall Yard Clean Up
  • Fall Lawn Maintenance


Like any other living organism, your lawn will need plenty of oxygen to live and flourish. To be sure your lawn receives all of the oxygen it needs, call for our aeration services. We'll prepare your soil to take in oxygen so that the plant life sprouting from it can grow full and healthy


When your soil works efficiently, your grass and plant life can flourish. We can help your soil to function as efficiently as possible thanks to our mulching services. A layer of mulch will help your soil conserve moisture, improve its fertility, and reduce weed growth -- all while keeping your yard looking great!

Spring Lawn Care

Spring is the best time to take care of outdoor jobs. You’ll be able to get them out of the way before the onset of summer. Much of the debris from winter still may be lingering around and needs to be cleaned before enjoying your yard another season.

Seasonal plants, such as ornamental grasses, are better suited for the colder months. They need to be cut back in order to preserve them. There is absolutely no point in taking care of something that is not going to survive in the warmer seasons in Rochester.

Fall Clean Up

Whenever fall rears its head, there are some things that you can do to prepare your yard for winter. One of them is mowing the grass one last time. It’s important for the growth of your lawn and garden to have debris removed.

Leaves are something that can be enjoyed as they change colors in the fall, but dead leaves will only leave your yard with unnecessary clutter. Clutter needs to be maintained as the process can be back breaking. We’ll clean the leaves from your yard.

Additional Services That We Offer

We do a lot when it comes to the changing of the seasons and your landscaping. Why put all that time into maintaining your lawn and landscapes only to have it ruined by a season? The following are other services that we provide to our community:

  • Power raking
  • Mulching
  • Aeration
  • Cut down year end plants
  • Winterizing


Nothing is going to survive in winter expect for some trees and shrubbery. Winter brings in cold bitter weather that kills everything in its path only to turn into spring where a thaw is typically to blame for damaged yards and flowerbeds.

Call to schedule your Rochester spring & fall clean up and see how much better your yard looks. You won’t have to break your back hauling leaves, nor will you have to waste your time researching methods on how to keep your plants safe. Town & Country Enterprises are the experts in all fields of landscaping so contact us before cold hits this year.

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