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Fall Lawn Rehab

Did the hot sun take the life out of your lawn this summer? Do you have a great yard now, but are worried you won’t once it warms up again? Do you want to change the plants in your yard but just can’t figure out when to do it? Despite the crisp autumn air coming our way, fall is a great time to give your yard a little TLC before the cold sets in.

Tackle weeds

The fall is a perfect time to get after those pesky weeds. Getting rid of them now will help to minimize their damage come spring. While weeding, try to reduce digging, as it brings weed seeds to the surface and allows for germination. Using mulch in flower beds can prevent light from getting to weeds, too. When it comes to the best time to pull weeds, aim to do it after a rainy day.

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Aerating is the process of putting tiny holes into your yard, in order to add fresh oxygen into your lawn. The process is something to consider doing if you get a lot of use out of your lawn, or if it dries out easily. This process also helps to minimize soil compaction and water puddling. Over time, aeration can help to prevent yard diseases.

Slice Seeding

Is your grass looking sparse? Consider doing some slice seeding to revitalize your lawn. Slice seeding is exactly what it sounds like; a machine creates rows in your yard and then places grass seed precisely in those rows. This process is great for seeding, as it places the new seeds in contact with the soil and ensures even seeding.


Even though the cooler weather may keep your plant’s leaves from growing, the roots don’t stop growing. This root growth means the fall is a great time to feed your plants. An application of fertilizer in the fall gives the plants in your yard all of the nutrients they need to grow deep roots in order to have a great growing season come spring. A walk-behind seeder is a great way to evenly distribute the fertilizer.


If your yard needs some more TLC, consider planting some season-appropriate plants. Did you know that some flowers actually prefer the cooler weather? It’s true; flowers like pansies and peonies thrive in the fall, as do new trees and shrubs. The fall is a great time to garden, as the air is a bit cooler but the soil is still warm enough for great root development. Vegetables like kale, carrots, and spinach are also ideal to plant in the fall.

After a hot, dry summer, the fall is a great time to think about showing your lawn a little TLC. From simple weeding to planting new seeds, there is a variety of ways you can show your yard some love before the colder months set in. Don’t forget that Town and Country Enterprises can help you with all of your lawn care needs. Give us a call at (585) 872-5073 and we can talk about what we can do to revitalize your lawn!

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