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Overhauling Your Yard

Sometimes, your landscape just needs a little T.L.C., other times, your landscape needs a lot of work. Starting a complete landscaping overhaul can be a daunting task for many homeowners, but there are steps you can take that make the task less challenging. Before you start your overhaul, there are a few things to consider, from the design of your new landscape to the time and budget of your project.

overhauling your yard

Draw it Out

When planning your landscaping overhaul, it is best to draw out what you’re envisioning. This is a great way to have a hard, physical copy of what you want. Start with the hardscapes in your yard, like paths and driveways, and make the drawing as to scale as possible. Using graph paper makes this easier. It's also recommended to draw with a pencil, as this makes it easier to erase and change your mind! Don’t be afraid to draw multiple ideas before you pick your ideal, new landscape.

What to Keep

If there are things in your garden that are salvageable and are worth keeping, use them in your new garden! Consider keeping healthy plants, and pull plants that won’t work with your new landscape. Transitioning some of your older plants into your new garden will help create a more established feel from the get-go. If you’re keeping some of your existing plants, don’t be afraid to make them into something that is going to work for your new landscape. In order to do this, consider cutting them back a bit; plants like healthy shrubs that have established root systems can withstand a deep cut.

What to Buy

When it comes to buying new plants, consider plants that will thrive in local conditions. Getting inspiration from websites is a great place to start but, that perfect garden in Arizona that you saw on Pinterest has plants that aren’t going to survive in a colder climate. Shopping for plants locally allows you to see plants that are going to work in your climate. Your best option is to work with your landscape provider to purchase plants, as they can guarantee plant materials purchased through them and suggest plants that will work best in your specific yard conditions.


When creating your new landscape, add some creativity to the design of your garden! Keep in mind the structure of your garden when planting and the structure of the plants you’re putting into your garden. Consider placing larger plants, like evergreen shrubs, throughout your garden, in order to maintain composition when other plants in your garden aren’t in bloom. Playing around with the colors of your plants is a fun way to add bursts of interest into your garden.

Budget and Time

With any housing project, it is important to set a realistic timeline and budget. When coming up with your budget, consider the type of plants you’re purchasing and how many new plants you’re adding to your garden. If you find yourself on a tighter budget, you can always add plants to your garden little by little, or choose to plant perennials that bloom every year. When it comes to a timeline, it is important to remember that projects that are done well will take time. If you’re having trouble coming up with a timeline and budget, Town and Country Enterprises can help.

Diving into a landscaping overhaul project can be scary, but Town and Country Enterprises would be thrilled to help you with this project. We can help make your dream landscape a reality! Whether you’re ready to start this project or just beginning to think about your garden, let Town and Country Enterprises know at (585) 872-5073!

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