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Spring Maintenance

Spring is an incredibly important time for yard maintenance. After all the damage that the Rochester winter deals to our yards and landscapes, it’s necessary to do some recovery work in order to bring back the beautiful and fresh look that we all want for our yards. Here are five of our services that will make any green space look amazing and ready for summer!

spring maintenance
  • Spring Clean Up: Much of the debris from winter becomes visible during spring. Grass clippings, tree and shrub branches, weeds, and leaves linger after the snow is gone, and it’s important to clean up your yard before your spring landscaping can begin. Prepare your yard with a spring cleanup today!
  • Aeration: Aeration should be done at least once or twice a year if your yard gets lots of use. The soil is perforated with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Although aerating may be a tiring task when done on large areas, it is extremely beneficial for your grass. The roots will grow stronger and deeper and it will relieve the grass from soil compaction.
  • Pre-emerging weed control: After you’ve aerated your yard, it’s time to prevent unwanted guests from showing up. Pre–emerging herbicides are your best bet for preventing weed growth. Depending on the type of grass and vegetation that you have in your yard, you should select one among the many pre-emerging herbicides available. Professional help is essential here, not only because we will select the appropriate herbicide, but also because we have high quality herbicides that are only accessible to landscaping companies.
  • Fertilization: After you have prevented weeds from growing it is highly advised to apply fertilizer. The kind of fertilizer that you select will depend on the season and purpose. There is general purpose, special purpose, solid, and organic fertilizers. Selecting the correct fertilizer will boost the growth of your grass and garden plants and will make them look fuller and healthier.
  • Mulch installation: A fresh mulching job is the cherry on top of your spring landscaping! Mulching does not only make your gardens look great, but it also provides your plants with a buffer from heat and cold weather. Mulching will also retain water, helping to keep the roots moist. It will encourage earthworms to move, which brings similar benefits to smaller-scale aeration in addition to improving nutrient cycling. Finally, mulching prevents soil and nutrient erosion.

Now you know how to take care of your lawn and garden this spring. But don’t wear yourself out with all the work. We’re happy to give the professional assistance you need to have your lawn perfect for summer. Call Town & Country Enterprises at (585) 872-5073 today!

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