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Lawn Fertilizer In Rochester

Town & Country Enterprises has been caring for the needs of their Rochester customers since 1976. That means for over 35 years, we have literally been making gardens grow and grass greener on both sides with our lawn fertilizer services.

When you have a problem with your lawn or your grass needs some nutrients that it’s not getting elsewhere, call us for our Rochester fertilizer service. We've built a reputation based on our dependable service and the quality of our craftsmanship. We have the service that will fit into all of your outdoor needs. Our Rochester Landscaping Company does it all as we come out and perform a soil test before any nutrients or weed control products are added to the lawn or garden. This helps us get the right type for your soil.

Our landscaping company uses only the highest quality plant and grass food. This ensures a lush vibrant lawn that brims with vitality. We provide it with the right amount at the right time. The type that you need all depends on what time of the season it is and if we're aiding the lawn or garden growth.

There are many people who mow their lawns weekly and never give it a second thought afterward. There are others who see their lawns as a project and want to renew the growth that it once had so it looks newly grown. This is why it's important to choose the best Rochester lawn fertilizer for it.


General Purpose Fertilizer

This type of grass food contains all three nutrients that is necessary in making grass grow longer and greener. It has all the basic needs that grass needs and is commonly used in lawns all over the Upper New York region.

Special Purpose Fertilizer

This type of compost has specific duties. Sometimes it can be combined with other types of lawn food in order to encourage a longer lasting lawn. It can also be used to promote garden growth, especially for tomatoes or rhododendrons.

Solid Fertilizer

This is a type that is worked into the soil. It is then released throughout the soil whenever water is applied. Solid plant food is a slow-release type that, over time, encourages the growth of a lawn much better than it currently looks.

Organic Fertilizer

This type comes from organisms that once were alive. This includes bone meal, chicken, worms and fish emulsion. It helps to enrich the soil. When seeking a different type of Rochester fertilizer, the nutrients found in the organic type are added to the main host for proper breakdown. Call for all the different types of lawn care packages we offer.

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If you’re looking for a Rochester lawn fertilization Company, please call 585-872-5073 or fill out our online request form.