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Keeping up with your lawn can be a tough but rewarding task. If you don't have the time to put into your lawn or landscaping, call the Greece landscaping company at Town & Country Enterprises. We're the specialists who can take care of a number of things when it comes to your property. We don’t just do landscaping, we also create hardscapes too. Hardscapes are the concrete things around the exterior such as patios and sidewalks.

Town & Country Enterprises also does snow plowing. New York winters can get pretty brutal keeping you from getting to work and out of the driveway. We use specialized equipment to get you out of sticky situations like that. We're here to do anything that you need us to as our landscapers are skilled laborers who know what our customers want. Our Landscaping Company provides a quality service for those looking to make major chances on their property. Chances are that if you're reading this, you need to find a better landscaping company. Meet with our landscapers and see for yourself. We know that you're going to appreciate us for all that we can do for your home.

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Greece Lawn Care

Garden weeding is very important because when it gets professionally done, it can make your yard look professionally cared for. Greece Lawn Care is what you need to prevent weeds from taking over your garden.

  • Crabgrass
  • Foxtail
  • Goosegrass

These are all types of weeds that can overtake your property. Your garden is an area, of your exterior, that shouldn't have weeds growing up. Instead, it should be a place where you grow plants, vegetables, and fruits.

Landscaping in Greece

If you want professional landscaping done on your Greece property, call the professionals at Town & Country Enterprises. We provide a level of service that cannot be found anywhere else when it comes to your outdoors. It has been our duty since 1976 to provide landscaping for our customers at reasonable prices. We'll do anything that we can in order to show you that there's more value in the yard than you might think. We get all of our customers to see the value in their outdoors.

From weed control to grass mowing, our landscape team has you covered. Take a look at your yard right now and write down all that needs done to it. We guarantee that we can do the work and do it right. Call the professional Greece landscaping company today and schedule a consultation. With our professionalism and customer service, you won't be able to beat our service. We make outdoor living comfortable.

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