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A Top Notch Ogden Landscaping Company

Town & Country Enterprises is a full service land care company that provides a wide array of landscaping services for your home. Our entire team of skilled highly trained staff is New York licensed and certified in all areas of yard beautification. We can take your ideas and the vision you have for your property and turn them into a reality overnight. We have a full line of some of the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry today which allows our Landscaping Company to perform every job with precision and efficiency at a rate that you can afford. For a truly rewarding experience, hire Town & Country for your next landscape project.

Ogden Lawn Care

Taking care of your beautiful landscape is an ongoing process that occurs all year long. Rather than spending countless hours and money to make your yard look good, go with the smart choice by hiring Town & Country Enterprises. Our affordable service will give you the results you're looking for in half the time as any DIY project. We provide full service Ogden Lawn Care for all your plant life which includes yard cleanup, fertilizer, re-planting, and clean trimming. We'll make suggestions as to what needs to be done through every season so that you're lawn retains it's beauty year after year.

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Landscaping in Ogden

We provide a whole range of Ogden Landscaping services that makes us the perfect company for your home. For instance, we also offer garden and lawn mulching, fertilizer distribution, insect and weed control, aeration, and many other organic options. With Town & Country Enterprises you get the benefit of hiring one company that does it all. This saves you time and money along with the hassle of trying to locate several companies in order to get the job done. We also provide lawn schedule lawn maintenance programs that are designed to stay on top of your yard. Using the same company allows use to 'learn' your yard so that we can fine tune what needs to be done each time we visit.

We Offer Snow Plowing Ogden Gates

In the North Central New York the snow can isolate any homeowner. This is why we offer snow plowing as a courtesy for all our clients. We provide emergency service that includes plowing your driveway, removing excess snow away from your home, and gives you a clean, clear passageway that is much safer. Our snow plowing services also including salting in order to avoid icy, slick surface on your sidewalk, hardscaping or driveway.

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